The “Why” Behind the Lease

April 26, 2017

When people are planning out their future, needing a storage unit is not usually on their must do check list. No one says, “One day I am going to have a nice house, a fancy car, and a huge storage unit full of stuff”. Having a storage unit is one of those things that happen out of necessity because of a certain circumstance that is usually unexpected or during a major life transition.  When we meet a customer, and are able to lease them a unit we get to hear their story, the “Why” behind the lease. Here are a few reasons our customers have found themselves in need of a storage unit:

Change in Living Situation

When a customer comes through the door and we get the chance to ask them what they are needing storage for, nine times out of ten they say they are moving. It could be that they are selling their home and need to stage their house so they choose storage to get rid of the clutter or have sold their home and have yet to find a new place to live and need storage during their transition period. Sometimes parents are storing their children’s stuff while they are away at college or need to put their children’s things in storage during the summer while they are home before they go back to the college dorm room. Other times people are building a home and are living in a small apartment and need to put all their large furniture, nick knacks, and family memories in storage until their forever home is finished.

Business or Company Storage

While many of our customers need storage for personal use, others choose a storage unit for their business or company. A storage unit is a great place to store records and papers that you don’t necessarily need to keep in the office lying around. It can also be a secure place to keep extra inventory that you may need to access from time to time. Or you could store those holiday display decorations. One great thing about self-storage is you can come and go as you please. If you don’t need to get anything for a while your stuff is locked up waiting for you.  If you need to get things out more frequently, your stuff is easily accessed.

Vehicle or Trailer

We all know those people who have everything, including extra vehicles! It may seem strange that someone would need a storage unit to keep a vehicle in but the truth is people need it and they do it. There could be many reasons for using storage for your extra vehicle, boat, jet ski, four-wheeler, and/or trailer. One reason at our Collierville location is because the city does not allow residents to have these items parked in their drive or yard. So, what do they do? Find a storage unit that will fit that trailer and jet ski. Keeping an extra vehicle in a locked storage unit is a good way to keep it out of sight from someone looking to take it as their own.  There may be a few extra guidelines or rules that come with storing these items but the benefits out weigh the time it takes to sign a few forms.

Hobby or Holidays

Most storage facilities have a variety of sizes to offer their customers. Someone may find that they simply need a small place to have all of their craft or hobby supplies in one location. A place that can have shelves and color coded, labeled boxes (for all of those super organized people out there) to help them locate that specific item they need in that specific moment. If it’s not hobby items, maybe you need a place for all those amazing holiday decorations that you work so hard on every year to put up and everyone raves over.  Or perhaps you like to collect items and need a little extra space to keep your treasure and gems secure.

Whatever our customers’ need is for storage, at Storage Towne of America, we see the importance of what we have to offer our tenants. We are not just a storage facility, rather, we are a place they turn to during a time when the unexpected happens, life is changing, or they run out of space to safely store their work supplies, furniture, and sometimes the things that are irreplaceable and have the most meaning and memories for them. We appreciate our customers and we consider it an honor that they would choose us to meet their storage needs.