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Climate Vs Non-Climate

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** Disclaimer -The tips below are just a guideline, it is the sole decision of the occupant on rather they store their items in a climate or non-climate unit. When storing there are a few opinions you need to consider before renting a unit. How much space you will need? Should you get Climate or Non- Climate Control for your items? How long will you be storing? Let’s focus on the Climate vs Non-Climate. Here are Storage Towne of America, we want to give our customers the needed information to make the best decision for their belongs. We like to say “Live without the things you want to keep”. You are placing your belongings in storage because you want to keep them, so, so lets look at some information that might help you decide what type of unit is best for your need’s. Let’s start with the basic’s what is climate-controlled and non-climate control units? Climate controlled storage units are located inside management-controlled temperature buildings, where the environment mimics optimum household conditions. The reasoning behind climate control storage is to store your belongings in the same atmosphere as in a home. These buildings also have additional barrier that help against dirt, debris, insects, and rodents. Non-Climate storage units are drive up units, think of your garage, these units are exposed to all outside change. With nothing separating your belongings from elements of the outside except a thin metal wall, temperatures in non-climate-controlled units vary 20 or more degrees. That means anything in the unit is exposed to the outside heat, cold, humidity or moisture as it fluctuates throughout the seasons. Over time, the moisture and temperature fluctuation results in mold and mildew growth and other negative results for many of your stored items. These type units are more susceptible to dirt, debris, insects, and rodents because they don’t have the additional barriers like climate control. ...

July 8th, 2022